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Christmas Party 2018

Thank you Bill and Mart Hurley and Jim and Gayla Smith for hosting the 2018 Christmas party!!  It was a beautiful evening and we are so blessed to be a part of it.  The best part is having it at the Mokena Cancer Support Center with free will donations going to this wonderful place where cancer patients and their caretakers can partake in free services like massages, theraputic services, support groups and much more.  We are grateful to have prepared the food for this Christmas celebration!

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Graduation Party

It’s graduation season!   Here are some pictures from a delicious taco & nacho bar, party decor and cupcakes DASH put together for a grad party last weekend!

Baby Shower Skewers

Thanks to Katie Hawking Conley for allowing DASH to share our creations for the baby shower you hosted!!

Graduation Party

DASH had a busy weekend! We catered a graduation party for Helen and Tom’s 2 sons, high school and eighth grade graduates  We thank you so much for your business, it was a fun afternoon ! 

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Christmas Party December 16, 2017

Big thank you to Bill & Mart Hurley and Jim & Gayla Smith for allowing DASH to share our creations with your guests at the Christmas party!  We enjoyed cooking and serving at this event.  Thank you for collecting donations for cancer, what an amazing gesture!  We have all been affected by this horrific disease.  Thank you!!

Serving DASH wedding desserts

Thank you Sam & Devin for having DASH supply the desserts for your wedding! We enjoyed it thoroughly and it was such a pleasure working with you and your mom, Donna!!

Keri and Brian's Wedding

Thank you Keri and Brian Schopper for allowing DASH to make your wedding cake and cupcakes! You looking absolutely stunning and it was a beautiful wedding!